PRT Computer Test Online

PRT Computer Test Online

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PRT Computer test Online
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This part is designed for the quiz’s description which aims to give more detailed information about the quiz before starting it.
This quiz is intended for checking your Computer knowledge. It takes 6 minutes to pass the quiz. If you don’t finish the quiz within the mentioned time, all the unanswered questions will be counted as wrong. You can miss the question by clicking the “Next” button and return to the previous questions by the “Previous” button. Every unanswered question will be counted as wrong.

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Which is not an extension of a picture file on a computer?

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“Booting the System” means

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The term PC means

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One byte consists of

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What is USB?

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Correct expansion of the term ‘http’ in Internet address is

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Which one of the following is system software?

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Processing of a data file to reduce its size for storage on disk is termed :

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What is the size of the Floppy Diskette which was used normally?

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Which type of switching is used on Internet?

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Where was India’s first computer installed?

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Which one of the following converts assembly language into machine language?

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What is the full form of ALU?

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The name "modem" is derived from

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In IT, associative memory is called as

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A communication network which is used by large organizations over regional, national or global area is called

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Small and cheap computers built into several home appliances are of which type?

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Expansion of RDBMS is

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The UNIX operating system is suitable for :

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What is the brain of the computer called?

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