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PRT Science Mock Test

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PRT Science Mock Test Online:


PRT Science Mock Test Online

This part is designed for the quiz’s description which aims to give more detailed information about the quiz before starting it.
This quiz is intended for checking your Science knowledge. It takes 10 minutes to pass the quiz. If you don’t finish the quiz within the mentioned time, all the unanswered questions will be counted as wrong. You can miss the question by clicking the “Next” button and return to the previous questions by the “Previous” button. Every unanswered question will be counted as wrong.

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Fossil fuels are obtained from:

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The system of irrigation wherein water is supplied drop by drop near the roots of plants is called:

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Earthquakes can cause:

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Which of the following groups contain all synthetic substances?

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Which of the following is not a ductile material?

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The loudness of sound depends on:

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Sets of reproductive terms are given below. Choose the set that has an incorrect combination:

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If a person’s clothes catch fire, the best way to extinguish the fire is to:

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Read the following terms and select the pair that is related to the inheritance of characters.

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Magnesium ribbon on burning in air produces:

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The change in seasons on the earth occurs because:

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The work done on an object does not depend upon the

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The most suitable material for the preparation of handles of cooking utensils are:

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Which of the following are homogeneous in nature?

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The electrical resistivity of a given metallic wire depends upon

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Which one of the following terms is not a part of the nucleus?

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The earth’s plate responsible for causing earthquakes are:

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If you saw a full moon on a particular day. After how many days will you be able to see the full moon again?

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In which of these mediums can sound travel?

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On placing an inverted tumbler over a burning candle, the flame extinguishes after some time. This is because of the non-availability of:

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