OJEE Syllabus 2021 | OJEE Latest Syllabus 2021 to Crack as Topper

OJEE Syllabus 2021 | OJEE Latest Syllabus

Admission 2021-22


Odisha Joint Entrance Examination (OJEE) is conducted with a view to preparing merit lists for admission in various professional courses in the State. The decision of the OJEE The committee as regards the scope of the syllabus is final.

1. B. Pharm l OJEE Syllabus

A. Physics (+ 2 Level) – (45 Questions)

Measurements and Motion: OJEE Syllabus

Fundamental and derived physical quantities, Concept of Mass, Length and Time, Measurement of different quantities in SI Units. Practical units for measurement of microscopic and macroscopic lengths (AU, light-year, parsec, nanometer, A0).

Accuracy and precision of measuring instruments. Errors in measurement, Combination of errors, significant figures. Dimension of physical quantities, Dimension analysis of physical quantities-Conversion of physical quantities from one system of units to another.

Concepts of vectors and scalars, Components of vectors, Unit vectors, Addition(triangles law, parallelogram law, polygons law), Subtraction, and Multiplication (vector & scalar) of vectors. Lami’s theorem.

The frame of reference. Equations of linear motion for uniformly accelerated bodies (by calculus and graphical method).

Newton’s laws of motion, impulse-momentum theorem Conservation of energy and momentum, laws of friction, sliding, and rolling friction. Motion in a plane: projectile motion, Circular Motion- radial and tangential acceleration, Centripetal force, Banking of tracks, Work, energy, power: work done by a constant and variable force, work-energy theorem, the potential energy of a spring, motion in a vertical circle, elastic and inelastic collision in one and two dimensions.

Kepler’s laws of Planetary Motion (Statements only). Newton’s law of Gravitation. Gravitational field and potential, variation of g with altitude and depth. Earth satellites- Orbital and Escape velocities.

Geo stationary satellites. Moment of inertia, the radius of gyration, theorems of the moment of inertia, Moment of Inertia for rod, ring, and circular disc.

Center of mass of the two-particle system and rigid body, the motion of the center of mass, a moment of force, torque, angular momentum, laws of conservation of angular momentum, and its applications.

Heat & Thermodynamics: OJEE Syllabus

Concept of heat and temperature, Scales of Temperature (Celsius, Fahrenheit, Kelvin), Definition of the mechanical equivalent of heat (J), Thermal energy, Heat Capacity, Specific heat of solids and liquids, Latent heat, the principle of calorimetry, thermal expansion of solids, liquids and gases.

Heat transfer-Thermal the conductivity of solids, Steady-state, determination of thermal conductivity by Searles method. Kirchhoff’s laws of heat radiation, Stefan’s law of heat radiation, Wien’s law, Newton’s Law of cooling.

Kinetic Theory of gases- Pressure of an ideal gas, mean and RMS speed, Kinetic interpretation of temperature, Degrees of freedom, Law of equipartition of energy.

Concept of the mean free path. Zeroth law of thermodynamics, First Law of thermodynamics, Specific heats of a gaseous system, Relation between Cp and Cv, Work done during Isothermal and Adiabatic processes, Carnot’s conceptual heat engine and its efficiency, coefficient of performance of refrigerator, Second law of thermodynamics, Absolute Scale of Temperature.

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