MS Office Questions and Answers for Competitive Exams

MS Office Questions and Answers

MS Office Questions and Answers

Q. 1. You can use ….. to copy selected text & …… to paste it into a document.

A. Ctrl + C, Ctrl  + P 

B. Ctrl  + C, Ctrl  + V 

C. Ctrl  + D, Ctrl  + P 

D. Ctrl  + A, Ctrl  + P

Q. 2. Starting with Microsoft Office 2003, Photo Editor was renamed to:

A. Photo Manager

B. Picture Editor 

C. Paint Editor

D. Picture Manager

Q. 3. which feature is used to make selected sentence to all capital letters or all small letters?

A. Change Sentence

B. Change Case

C. Change Word

D. Change Letter

Q. 4. Microsoft Word, Excel and powerPoint are the part of

A. Microsoft Windows

B. Mac OS X

C. Microsoft Office Suite

D. None of these

Q. 5. Microsoft word is ………… Software.

A. Programming

B. System

C. Application

D. Compiler

Q. 6. Which is not an edition of MS Office?

A. MS Office 2003

B. MS Office 2011

C. MS Office 2000

D. MS Office 2019

Q. 7. In Microsoft Word How can detect spelling and grammar errors by:

A. Press F7

B. Press Shift + F7

C. Press Alt + F7

D. None of These

Q. 8. Each box in a spreadsheet is called a ……

A. Empty Space

B. Cell

C. Field

D. None of These

Q. 9. Press ……… to open the help window in MS word.

A. F1

B. F2

C. F8

D. F10

Q. 10. Which command is used to quit powerPoint:

A. Alt + Ctrl + Delete

B. Alt + F4

C. F5

D. None of the above

Q. 11. Which of these software applications was not a part of the first version of Microsoft office?

A. Word

B. Excel

C. Powerpoint

D. Outlook

Q. 12. In ms word to go a specific location in a document we use:

A. Bookmark

B. Table of Contents

C. Macro

D. Hypertext

Q. 13. Select all the text in MS Word document by

A. Ctrl + S

B. Ctrl + A

C. Ctrl + 1

D. Ctrl + V

Q. 14. The letter and number of the interesting column and row are the ……..

A. Cell Continents

B. Cell location

C. Cell Address

D. Cell Position

Q. 15. We can start MS Word by typing ……… in the Run Dialog box.

A. Word.exe

B. Msword.exe

C. Winword.exe

D. Docx.exe

Q. 16. A popular presentation program for Windows and Mac in Microsoft Office is:

A. Microsoft Word

B. Microsoft Access

C. Microsoft Excel

D. Microsoft PowerPoint

Q. 17. MS Word is the software of ……

A. Google

B. Android

C. Apple

D. Microsoft

Q. 18. The valid format of MS Word is _______

A. .exe

B. .png

C. .doc

D. .jpeg

Q. 19. To apply center alignment to a paragraph in MS Office, we can press:

A. Ctrl + C + A

B. Ctrl + S

C. Ctrl + C

D. Ctrl + E

Q. 20. What type of chart is useful for comparing values over categories?

A. Column Chat

B. Pie Chat

C. Dot Chat

D. Line Chat

MS Office Questions and Answers

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